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“Do It Yourself” isn’t by yourself anymore.

Other social media schedulers leave it all up to you to create social media content. With the DIY Social Media Club, you get access to scheduling software PLUS prompts, templates, feedback, and brainstorming sessions. Do it yourself with the support of expert marketers and content creators so you know you’re doing it right.

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  • Access to weekly brainstorming sessions - $200/month value

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  • Access to Stratosphere scheduling software – $49/month value

  • Access to weekly brainstorming sessions – $200/month value

  • Monthly reports – $50/month value

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  • Access to Stratosphere scheduling software – $49/month value
  • Access to weekly brainstorming sessions – $200/month value
  • Monthly reports and feedback from social media managers – $100/month value
  • 12 post templates per month (editable graphics and captions) – $1200/month value
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  • Access to Stratosphere scheduling software – $49/month value
  • Access to weekly brainstorming sessions – $200/month value
  • Monthly reports and feedback from social media managers – $100/month value
  • 12 post templates per month edited for you – $1800/month value
  • Dedicated content coordinator and account manager
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Choose your business type.

Different businesses have different content needs.

The DIY Social Media Club now comes with options for service-based businesses, non-profit organizations, or creative entrepreneurs (like artists, musicians, and authors).

Each option includes templates that better fit your business with different styles of CTAs, different ratios of nurture and sales posts, and different creative emphases.

Service-Based Business 
Non-Profit Organization
Creative Entrepreneur
Performing Artist
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The support you need at a price you can afford

We’d love to manage your social media for you…but we know that doesn’t make sense for every business owner. Our DIY Social Media Club allows you to create your own content with support from our team.

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What You Get Each Month

Stratosphere Social Media Scheduler

Content creation is easier than ever with Stratosphere, our very own social media scheduling software. Super-powered tools like Content Library, Recommendations, and Auto Import help you batch your content in less time using less brain power, so you can spend more time on the parts of your business you love.

Included in all paid plans

Weekly Brainstorm Meetings

Your marketing is more than just social media content. Meet with your dedicated account manager and other Club members monthly to brainstorm new ideas, marketing strategies, and more. Learn what other business owners are posting so you can apply what works for them to your own marketing strategy. 

Included in all plans

Custom Reporting

Social media analytics are confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Each month our content coordinators will look over your past month’s social media content and tell you what’s working, what flopped, and what you can try next. Get your report delivered to your inbox each month so you can plan your content accordingly.

Included in Basic and Premium plans

Content Prompts, Ideas, and Templates

Stop staring at a blank screen with no idea what to write. We’ll send you prompts, post ideas, and even graphics templates every month to get you started creating your content. Use what you like and leave the rest, adding your own personal touch along the way to create content that’s perfect for you and your business.

Included in Basic plan, customized for you in Premium plan

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Customize our posts to match your brand.


Posting to social media is hard enough—we took the guesswork out of knowing what to post.

With the Basic or Premium plan, we’ll give you a mix of 12 ready-to-post or fill-in-the-blank posts every month. Swap out the colors for your brand colors and edit the caption to match your voice or just post as-is.

With 12 template posts each month, we guarantee you can plan a month’s worth of content in just one sitting.

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Here's what other DIY-ers like you are saying:

“The [brainstorming] sessions were so helpful that I nearly cramped up my hand from writing down all the ideas that Ryann and my fellow attendees were able to help me come up with.”

Samantha Hall
Fleur de Law Legal Office

"This has been so worthwhile for me and my business! Being a business owner has so many challenges and now social media doesn’t have to be one of them. The people at Stratos are knowledgeable, creative, supportive, and constantly learning/upping their game.”

Tasha Eizinger
Author, The Little Shot

Meet the Team

Our social media experts are here to help!

At Stratos, we live and breathe content creation. On a daily basis, we create emails to send and social media posts to go out, both for ourselves and our clients.

Christine, our content coordinator, creates and edits our DIY templates each month for your business. Ariane, our account manager, will be your go-to person for all things social media. And Ryann, our senior content coordinator, hosts weekly brainstorm sessions to help you come up with ideas for social and more! She’s created social media for businesses for the past 7 years in various industries: workout, retail, food + beverage, family + kids… even bathroom remodeling!

With the DIY Social Media Club, you can be confident that your questions will be answered. We’ll share all our tips and tricks and guide you to create social content that resonates with your audience.

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